Leaded glass doors and windows

Stained glass art is one that has a thousand year old history and remains to be one that has never lost its beauty. This art is now a part of fashionable contemporary interior decor in Sri Lanka.

We at Kent have perfected this ancient art of stained glass into a modern craft, by blending vibrant hues to create colorful elegance and class to reflect your lifestyle.

Kent brings you stained glass which was in vogue with the rich and famous of yesteryear and a dream to many - it is back as a fashionable yet also as an affordable interior décor perfected by us to create colourful elegance to reflect the client's lifestyle.

Stained Glass is no longer a dream but a reality…

Now, stained glass art has descended from the dazzling heights of cathedral domes and castle towers right into your homes, offices and surroundings. With our range of Hand Stained, Hand Crafted Lead Glass, Beveled Glass, Fused Glass, Mouth Blown Color Glass and a variety to select that would last generations and beyond. Our well trained and skilled artists will design to suit your size and requirement and we'll install them in-situ.

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